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Sean Seah is a young and humble Singapore Value Investing Guru, Trainer and Speaker. Sean achieved his financial freedom at the age of 30 and he attributed his success based on the value investing training he received from the Buffett family (Mary buffett).

Sean believes that all financial resources belongs to God and we should learn to manage and multiply them using sound biblical principles. Thus, he founded Value Investing College to educate averaged Singaporeans and tranform these complete beginners to savvy value investors like himself.

You will see Sean Seah speaking at the following value investing conferences and events:

Sean Seah As Value Investing Speaker

1. National Achiever Congress Singapore
2. National Achiever Congress Malaysia
3. Securities Investor Association Singapore (SIAS) Event
4. NTU IIC - Singapore Financial Conference
5. "Market Outlooks" By Shareinvestor
6. "Bookfests and Book talks" By Popular and Kinokuniya
7. "Crown Financial Ministries"
8. Regional Value Investing Seminars and Workshop

Seah Seah Singapore Value Investing Speaker

Sean Seah Is Also A Best Selling Author of 3 Books at Kinokuniya, Armour Publishing and Popular Book Store in SingaSean Seah's Best Selling Books In Singaporepore namely :

  1. Winning The Money Game 
  2. Financial Joy
  3. Gone Fishing With Buffett

"If You have a method to generate $10,000 residual income next month, let me know and i will co-author with you"

Sean Seah Singapore Author In Value Investing

Sean Seah Singapore


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