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Value Investing College Singapore (VIC) was founded by Sean Seah. Using the proven metholodogy also used by the Warren Buffet family (Mary Buffett), Sean Sean and his master trainers share their teachings of Value Investing to many thousands of Singaporeans as well as other people from the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Myanmar.

Value Investing College and a powerhouse of VIC master trainers empower individuals to build their wealth and passive income consistently using smart value investing strategies.

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VIC students benefit from this value investing course in three phrases. 

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Phase 1 - 3 Days Signature VIC Bootcamp

VIC bootcamp is designed for complete beginners and they are transformed to be savvy value investors with the correct investing mindset and VIC blueprint.

Unlike other usual bootcamps, VIC bootcamp will be full of fun and surprises. Such fun experience and series of surprises will make the students fast track their ability to better absorb value investing principles.

At the end of the bootcamp, the VIC graduates will know :

1. How to screen stocks using a 10min screening approach.

2. Create a shopping list of stocks using P.I.E.C.E.R.I.S.K Analysis.

3. How to calculate the buy and sell price of a stock.

4. How to build a solid stock portfolio with the right position sizing.

5. How to create passive income using VIOS

Value Investing College

Phase 2 - Application and monthly Live meetings

VIC graduates will be provided online value investing resources and financial tools to help them fast track their post course learning. Great research reports are also shared during the monthly live VIC community meetings.

Phase 3 :
Value Investing College Lifetime Membership Within VIC Community.

VIC graduates will be admitted to a private VIC
facebook group for continual learning and sharing. They are also allowed to resit in the bootcamp where VIC team holds courses.


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